Out on the town without packing on the pounds

This post is intended for adults 21+.

 We all want to go out with our friends on the weekends and enjoy ourselves.

But when you’re on a diet, it’s not always easy. Here are a few of my tips to enjoy a night out while still maintaining your goals to get healthy!

1) Make your own drinks at home. Not only will it save you cash) Have you seen what drinks cost in Chicago?) Just because you’re cutting back on calories doesn’t mean that you can’t make delectable drinks. I recommend Skinny Mixes  (5 calories per 4 oz serving) and Skimpy Mixers (15 calories per 4 oz serving) – just add a shot of your favorite liquor and drink up! I also recommend to pair it with a fun looking glass. Why not?

2) Please keep this one quiet or you could get into a lot of trouble. Just ask my boyfriend what happened on my 21st birthday at a sports bar in Las Vegas. If you can’t make your own drinks at home, bring small mixers with you that can fit in your purse. While there are low-calorie options you can order at the bar, they tend to have caffeine (rum and diet coke) or are extremely bitter. That’s why I will bring with me zero-calorie  Crush Liquid Enhancers, Icee Zero Liquid Water Enhancer or use half of a Crystal Light packet (the size intended for a 16.9 oz water bottle). Add to a vodka and soda water and presto! You have a great tasting, fruity drink with only 100 calories. Remember to order soda water and not tonic water, which has a ton of calories.

3) Bring your own snacks with you in your purse! The temptation can run high to binge on pizza or other delectable late-night bites when you’re out. I particularly like Reese’s Puffs Treats because they are large and only 100 calories.  They will seem like a guilty indulgence, but they aren’t!

4) This doesn’t relate to diet, but just to health in general. Remember to always stay safe when you’re out at night! Don’t leave your group of friends and NEVER leave your drink unattended.

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